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Why Choose Jeganism Business Advisory?


Access to a vast array of lenders means you can match or beat the interest rates and loan terms of many banks.


Clear explanations to empower you by answering to your questions completely and with confidence. We spot gaps in your business finance, and think critically about what type of loan would work best for your business goals and current financial situation.


Expert advice that a business owner needs to be able to make quick (and accurate) decisions, along with competent financial literacy to quickly evaluate the financial information supplied by your banks.


Loan structuring is about tailoring the needs of your business with sound advice because there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to businesses. Every business is unique, and each business needs financing tailored to their circumstances and goals.


Rate negotiation on your behalf what can often be a minefield when it comes to business financing.


Our annual reviews and ongoing consultation offers a full review of your financial position annually and advising on all aspects of business finance.

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